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How to successfully use hair gel when styling curly hair?

Curly hair adores hair gel? Say what?

When was the last time you went to the store and bought hair gel? Probably never, because hair gel was considered a styling product reserved only for boys or girls who maintain short hairstyles.

Thanks to social networks, we are overwhelmed by some ideas, few of which find their way to the masses and grow into something that changes lives, but when it comes to the curly girl method, things get more serious.

It was the curly girl method on the big door that introduced the use of hair gel as the perfect companion in styling unruly curls. I know, it sounds amazing, but believe me, once you try it there is no going back.

Why use gel to define wavy and curly hair?

We recommend using the hair gel if your hair is slightly wavy to very curly, while it is not recommended for straight hair.

The gel contains ingredients that create a ‘film’ around the hair, and its main task is to strengthen, stabilize and shape, so it will strengthen and shape your hair, whether it is waves or curls.

A well-chosen gel will also reduce frizz (flying hair), add shine and encourage the formation of a natural hair pattern, and further strengthen all this to make the hairstyle last longer.

You can also use the gel when you have tied a tail or a bun if you want to smooth out all those small hairs that stick out.

What exactly is a gel?

A gel is a colloidal dispersion of particles (ranging in size from nanometers to micrometers) in a liquid medium. Solid particles (often polymers) form a network in a liquid that swells and forms a jelly-like mass. Various ingredients such as essential oils can be added to this mass.

Hair gel composition:

water as the main ingredient
film-forming polymers
emulsifiers for water-insoluble components
viscosity modifiers (thickeners, such as carbomers)
additives used to transfer moisture, gloss and UV protection and to change the properties of the resulting film

How to use hair gel properly?

Alikay Naturals gel za kosu
Alikay Naturals - gel za stiliziranje

After the hair is washed with shampoo and conditioner that washes off, we start styling.

  1. The first step in styling would be leave in conditioner. It will nourish your hair and provide an excellent styling foundation. If you don’t have a leave-in conditioner, apply a crumb of your regular conditioner while your hair is completely wet, then comb.
  2. Grab a walnut-sized gel, and spread it between your palms
  3. Apply the gel along the length of the hair from the ear to the ends on one side and then grab enough again and apply on the other side (if you have less hair or it is thin and fine be careful, it is better to start with a smaller amount because you can always add)
  4. When you have applied the gel to the whole hair, start squishing it lightly with your palms until curls are formed.
  5. Gently lift the root of the hair with your fingers so that it does not stick to the scalp
  6. Then dry your hair with a diffuser with hot or cold air (air drying will take time, so if you don’t have 3-5 hours, get a hair dryer)
  7. Touch the hair as little as possible with your hands during the drying process and when it is 100% dry you will notice that it is stiff and sticky, but this means that the gel does what it needs to do, because the so-called cast (armor around hair) is created and magic is created.
  8. You will ‘break’ the cast by taking a T-shirt (or you can do without it only with your hands) and lightly squeezing your hair with your hands as when you applied the gel, until the hair is soft again and the honor disappears completely.

After this process you should have beautiful waves, curls, curls depending on the type of hair that are defined, durable and without frizz.

How do I know how much gel is enough?

When you start using the gel you will need some time to learn which amount suits your hair type so start with smaller amounts first until you see which one suits you best.

In addition to leave in conditioner, a great foundation for gel is curling cream. If your hair is thick, the cream will pair well with the gel to make your end result even better. The hair will be smoothed and nourished and beautifully defined.

How to choose a gel for your hair type?

In order for the gel to do the job you bought it for, it is important to read the product description well. Some gels and creams can have “heavy” ingredients, so they can make your hair heavier and create the opposite effect.

Thick hair and thick hair will tolerate heavier ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, etc., while thinner hair prefers lighter, mostly watery formulas.

One of the essential ingredients in styling products is glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture from the air if there is a lot of it or expels it from the hair if there is no moisture in the air; therefore if you live in a very humid climate or very dry, glycerin is an ingredient to avoid. To make it easier for you, we have created an option – Glycerin-free products.

Which gel will suit you best is mostly a trial and error method. Depending on whether the hair is thin and fine or thick and you have quite thick hair. It also depends on whether your hair is porous so it likes protein products or it is low porous so it is better suited to moisturizing products without protein, but in the list below we have listed products for each hair type that are mostly a complete hit.

Fine, thin hair

Thick hair

Tekstura kose-debela dlaka

It will take some time until you find the perfect gel for your hair, but certainly just adding gel to your care routine and styling your hair will bring you results that you will not remain indifferent to.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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