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Hair mask – what to look for and how to choose the best for your hair type

For each of us, one of the pleasures of life is beautiful and healthy hair. Beautiful and healthy hair gives a dose of self-confidence, power and femininity. But with shampoos and conditioners, using a hair mask is a very important part of your daily hair care routine even though many of us skip this step thinking it is not overly important. The truth is much different because it is the hair mask that is the step that will have the most impact on the change in the quality of your hair.

What is the difference between a conditioner, a deep conditioner and a mask?

The conditioner, unlike the mask, serves to nourish the hair for a current result in a short time and its ingredients are not as concentrated as with the mask or deep conditioner.

On the other hand, hair masks and deep conditioners are different only in some indications. You can use a deep conditioner more often than a mask that is very nourishing and it is not appropriate to keep it on your hair for half an hour every week, so we look at masks more as treatments. The ingredients of the mask and deep conditioner penetrate deep into the hair cortex to do their job.

Wondering how to be sure which mask or deep conditioner is what your hair needs? You will get the answer if you do a hair stretch test and determine the porosity of the hair.

Determination of porosity and hair stretching test

Hair porosity is very important in order to find the right care for the needs of your hair and it is necessary to determine it before you decide to buy any of the hair products. How to best determine porosity, read our article on hair porosity.

How about a hair test now? How should it be stretched and how will I know what the test is telling me?

Wash your hair and do not put any products on it but take one hair and gently start to stretch. Observe the following:

whether the hair grows
how much it stretches before it breaks
if it returns to its original state after stretching

Depending on the results of the hair stretch test combined with the results on hair porosity you will get an answer to the question of what your hair is missing.

Tablica poroznosti i test rastezanja dlake

Why does this matter? If you have highly porous hair (damaged and open hair cortex, hair absorbs moisture quickly but also quickly releases it) and on the stretch test your hair does not stretch at all but breaks immediately, this means that your hair needs a mask that has deep hydrating properties and proteins that will work to repair damage.

Low porous hair (rarely colored or virgin hair, harder to absorb moisture, the hair cortex is closed so moisture gets heavier once it enters and comes out) which hair breaks immediately needs deep hydrating care without protein. Such hair already has enough keratin protein and does not need it.

This is why it is important to know the porosity and do a stretch test. It is important to note that the needs of your hair are changing, because with proper hair care, hair can change its properties (heal) and, for example, go from high porosity to medium.

Do this test on a monthly basis or when you feel something is happening to your hair.

Products for different hair types

Depending on your results in the Mashala web shop you can find products for all combinations.

We have prepared examples of hair masks for you depending on the porosity and the result of the stretch test and regardless of whether the hair is straight or curly:

Poor elasticity

If your hair breaks immediately during the stretch test, your hair needs deep hydration. Depending on how porous your hair is, we advise a few options that will suit you perfectly.

Low and medium porous hair

As i am dubinski regenerator
As I am - hidratantna maska
Mielle maska za poticanje rasta kose
Mielle - maska sa ružmarinom i mentom
Alikay naturals avokado maska
Alikay Naturals maska od avokada

Highly porous hair

Shea Moisture maska sa crnim ricinusom
Shea moisture maska sa manuka medom
Shea Moisture maska sa manuka medom
Alikay Naturals maska
Alikay naturals - maska sa medom i kaduljom

Good elasticity

If the hair stretches but also returns to its original state, you have good hair elasticity. Basically your hair is in a balance of protein and moisture but regardless of the porosity you need a mask to maintain balance. Continue what you have been doing so far and combine moisturizing and protein masks.

Alikay Naturals deep conditioner with honey and sage has a great combination of moisturizing ingredients and proteins to maintain balance.

Alikaz naturals maska med
Alikay Naturals -maska sa kaduljom i medom

High elasticity

If your hair on the test stretches a lot but does not return to its original state, it is that your hair is too hydrated. You should add protein to your hair care to strengthen your hair and avoid moisturizers.

Low and medium porosity

Maska za kosu - Matcha boost
Matcha boost proteinska maska
Shea Moisture proteinska maska
Shea Moisture proteinska maska

High porosity

Mielle proteinski tretman sa mentom
Mielle - proteinska maska sa metvicom i babassu uljem
Ecoslay rižin puding
Ecoslay proteinski puding od riže

After a while you will notice how your hair has come to life and simply looks better. However, as hair is restored it is important to keep in mind that it is also constantly changing. Repeat the stretch test at least once a month to make sure the product you are using still suits your hair type.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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