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Curly Girl Method – how much it pays to start with this method we talk from our own experience

Have you ever stopped and read the ingredients of your face cream? Body milk? Or maybe a hair conditioner? No, of course not. Neither did I. We will not take ourselves for evil, yet we trust the cosmetics industry.

Or not? Um the question is now ..

Curly girl method (CGM) - what is it?

The Curly Girl Method, although its name suggests it only applies to curly girls, actually has nothing to do with your hair type.

Anyone can start with this method as a really effective way of hair care, especially if nothing has brought you concrete results so far, as it used to.

Prompted by my broom that grew from the scalp, I threw myself into researching and googling because it was not clear to me why after so many years of using both cheap and expensive hair products I still have a broom on my head, my hair is falling out terribly and they started appearing the first signs of alopecia, further caused by stress and thyroid.

After a sea of ​​articles and tips, I miraculously came across a forum and topic about curly hair (although I’m not curly myself, but slightly wavy and thin, fine hair). Still, I started reading and that’s where I first came across the term curly girl method.

I threw myself into researching the concept and had a feeling after a couple of hours of reading that I had discovered America! How come I’ve never heard of this before? How come no one has ever written about it somewhere? All my life I’ve lived in lies, all my life I’ve been putting detergents on my hair, almost Charlie ?! Yes, your hair shampoo has the same ingredient as dishwashing detergent if by chance you didn’t know by now: /

But it is never too late for salvation and change. I studied well what products to buy and ran to the first store and started applying the rules.

CGM method rules

The Curly Girl method is first of all nature and love in your hair and thus becomes a lifelong principle of washing and hair care, once adopted.

In addition to nurturing your hair with natural products with the CGM method, you pay attention to it more than ever and do not torture it at 220 degrees with an iron that leaves it damaged and burned.

It is important to follow the rules of the method in order for the hair to recover completely, which means embracing your natural hair as it is and getting rid of habits that damage it, even though it may come out of your comfort zone when caring for and styling your hair.

This means:

No irons, no too hot air from the hair dryer, no dry brushing.
The method adheres to the principle of using natural ingredients in products that do not harm the hair
All forms of harsh detergents (sulphates) and all forms of silicones, parabens, mineral oils, harsh alcohols and paraffins are prohibited.

What can happen to you due to the sudden elimination of harsh sulfates, and often happens to thin and fine hair, is that it builds up – build up of heavy ingredients such as silicone and oil, which can make thin and fine hair difficult and lose its shape. In that case, it is perfectly fine to wash your hair with an ordinary shampoo that contains sulphates once a month, because that way you will remove all the ingredients that make hair difficult.

No one will knock on your door if you occasionally use silicones or iron your hair once or twice a year. It is important that you feel good and comfortable and find out if this method works best for your hair type.

How to start with CGM method?

Before you go, you need to stock up on the right products.

You need:

Sulfate-Free Shampoo or Cowash (Hair Wash Conditioner)
Conditioner without sulfates, silicones, parabens and mineral oils
Leave in conditioner or hair cream (always on wet hair)

How will you know if your product does not have ‘banned’ ingredients? The simplest way is to find the product on the Internet and review its composition. You copy the ingredients into one of the tools for the CGM method, https://www.curlsbot.com/ or http://www.isitcg.com/. Each of these tools will instantly give you information on whether the product is ‘approved’ for use in the method or not.

If you have curly or wavy hair, the Curly Girl method also advises you to style your hair with a cream and / or gel. Always apply styling products to wet hair. The gel / cream will create a ‘film’ around the hair and when the hair dries this crunchy film breaks up with your hands so you squeeze the hair lightly. Once that movie is ‘broken’ your waves will show up at its best.

My results after the CGM method

In my case after a month I started noticing bigger changes in hair texture and the hair loss decreased. I solved the problem with small parts of the scalp without hair by massaging pure oils a couple of hours before washing my hair (castor, coconut, olive oil, rosemary essential oil, black seed oil). When using the oil, the results were seen after approximately 4 months of regular use on a weekly basis.

The hair became lush, shiny and generally healthier, and a haircut was no longer necessary every two months because the ends no longer cracked so quickly.

In addition to these benefits I experienced by applying the method, I also learned how to style my hair with cream and gel so that my gentle waves were at their best.

To see where I actually started from here are my photos from the beginning.

Početak alopecije osobno iskustvo
Problemi sa alopecijom i opadanjem kose
Stanje kose prije korištenja ricinusovog ulja
Početno stanje moje kose

Is it worth trying the CGM method

Is the Curly Girl method enough to keep your hair healthy? Many would say that it is 100% even though these are all personal experiences like mine.

Get well before you start and prepare for a period of adjustment that lasts differently for everyone. The Internet and social networks will help you gather information, as well as my personal experiences and tips that I share with you in this blog.

What you can be sure of if you want to get started is that you have 95% of approved products in the Mashala store and a special category of CG Approved where you don’t have to think about whether the product is allowed in the method or not, because we have already checked it for you!

As for my recommendation, go ahead!


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