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Castor oil for hair – does it really stimulate hair growth or is it a myth?

Castor oil is often mentioned as a natural elixir to stimulate hair growth as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. But are the compliments about the effects of castor oil really real or is it another marketing ploy?

Oils and their effect on hair growth

Essential oils contain ingredients that stimulate your scalp. But other than that, these same ingredients have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and that is why they are important for hair care. Adding oil and massaging the scalp will stimulate circulation and prepare the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Oils such as coconut, argan and rosemary oils are recommended as a supplement to daily hair care if you have problems with dry scalp, or just want to improve the quality of your hair.

But if you want to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, castor oil is recommended above all others.

What is so special about castor oil that hair grows like crazy, we investigated in detail, before advising buying this magical substance.

Ulja za kosu
Ulja stimuliraju vlasište i dubinski njeguju dlaku

Benefits of castor oil

“Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties,” says Guy Parsons, a certified trichologist and founder of My Hair Doctor *.

Ricinoleic acid also helps in the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes (especially in the recovery of eyelashes after removing artificial ones).

Another key benefit of castor oil is its ability to increase blood flow around the scalp, which is why many people believe it can promote hair growth, however it has not yet been scientifically proven that there is a link between follicular hair growth and castor oil.

There are two types best known for the benefits of strengthening hair roots – golden castor oil and black castor oil which is made from roasted castor seeds and which is said to be stronger due to its more alkaline composition. Both have a very thick consistency which can create a problem when applied to the hair but make up for it with their impressive composition of vitamin E and fatty acids.

Used properly, castor oil can improve hair condition and elasticity and prevent cracking and moisture loss. “Because it is an oil, it has more benefits in hydrating and caring for already thick, coarser hair that requires more hydration than other hair types,” says Guy. *

Personal experience of using castor oil

Jamajkansko ulje crnog ricinusa
Ulje crnog ricinusa
Ulje crnog ricinusa i kokos
Ulje crnog ricinusa sa kokosom
Ulje crnog ricinusa i crnih sjemenki
Ulje crnog ricinusa i crnih sjemenki
As I am regenerator sa ricinusovim uljem

Personally, I have really positive experiences with the effects of castor oil on hair growth and preventing hair loss. On the verge of alopecia, I reached for castor, coconut and rosemary and used the combination as a treatment before washing my hair.

She would leave it on for 30 minutes and then continue washing, and sometimes she would even let it stand on her hair overnight.

This would be followed by washing with a sulfate-free shampoo, silicone, parabens and sharp alcohols, and using a conditioner and hair mask in which I would put a few drops of castor oil again.

My results have been fantastic and after 3 to 6 months my hair has recovered very well, and I personally believe that castor oil is one of the ingredients that has helped me grow my hair lush, and stronger, and make my scalp healthier.

An essential ingredient for hair growth

Shea Moisture regenerator sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea Moisture regenerator sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea Moisture leave in regenerator sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea Moisture leave in regenerator sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea Moisture sampon sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea Moisture sampon sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea moisture maska sa ricinusovim uljem
Shea moisture maska sa ricinusovim uljem

The Internet and our own first-hand experiences prove that castor oil is responsible for faster growth and lush hair. My advice is to include castor oil in your daily hair care because you can’t lose anything but just gain.

You can start with pure essential oil and massage it into your hair and scalp before each hair wash, or choose products that contain castor oil.

Whichever way you choose, your hair will be grateful;)

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