Lavandula hybrida essential oil
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Lavandula hybrida essential oil

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Lat. Lavender hybrid

How does lavender oil affect hair health?

– stimulates hair growth

A study conducted in 2016 confirms that it accelerates hair growth and makes hair strong and shiny. Although not all studies have been conducted, it is thought to work best if applied directly to the scalp.

Antimicrobial action

Studies have proven several times that lavender oil works great against the development of bacteria and fungi on the scalp, and it is recommended to apply on the skin to work best. It can prevent dandruff and scalp tenderness.

Lavender oil is recommended for the following scalp and hair problems:

oily hair, scalp;
dermatitis, psoriasis;
lavender essential oil eliminates itching, irritation of the dermis;
prevents hair loss;
treats cracked tops
strengthens weak and brittle hair;
provides volume.
Lavender is the mother of essential oils, the most commonly used oil in aromatherapy. It is extremely disinfectant and very soothing to insect bites, bites, burns, irritations, skin care after sunbathing. It helps heal wounds that are difficult to heal.


It can be applied to the skin undiluted, which makes it applicable to all generations, from children to adults.


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