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Shea Moisture – natural and cruelty free products that you will adore

Shea Moisture is a brand that adheres to its ethical standards by producing natural products through fair trade production by staying away from harmful ingredients that impair an individual’s health. Shea Moisture is also a cruelty free brand, and as they would say – ‘tested on ourselves for four consecutive generations but never on animals’. […]

Hair porosity – the health of your hair depends on proper care

If your hair is dry, rough to the touch and unruly, it is very likely that you are not grooming it properly. In order to afford proper care for your hair, you should first determine its porosity. We all know how confusing and frustrating this can sometimes be, but it is necessary to understand how […]

Bounce curl – products that are praised by curls all over the world

If you don’t know about the Bounce curl brand yet, it’s time to find out, because Bounce curl is currently one of the best brands specializing in curly and wavy hair, if not the best. At least that’s what users of Bounce curl products say, each of which has a 5/5 rating in 90% of […]

Castor oil for hair – does it really stimulate hair growth or is it a myth?

Castor oil is often mentioned as a natural elixir to stimulate hair growth as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. But are the compliments about the effects of castor oil really real or is it another marketing ploy? Oils and their effect on hair growth Essential oils contain ingredients that stimulate your scalp. But other than […]

What is hair porosity and how is it most accurately determined?

For most of us, when we need something, especially when it comes to cosmetics, shopping is quick and easy. You jump into a store or web store and deductively buy what seems like a good choice. Only you know what was the reason for the choice, whether it prevailed that you liked the label, you […]

Silk – does it really help improve our skin and hair?

Silk pillows, hats and hair bands are reportedly the best companion for hair and skin judging by the information that surrounds us. Silk helps your skin stay young longer and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pimples, while allowing your hair to be less tangled and not burst tied into sweet silk scruncy rubber bands. […]

The best products for summer hair care

Summer is coming and this means that we also need to prepare for hair care to suit the climatic conditions.Your hair needs something completely different in summer than in winter when there is a lot of humidity, wind and cold outside.Dry air and high temperatures, as well as salt from the sea and chlorine from […]

How to successfully use hair gel when styling curly hair?

Curly hair adores hair gel? Say what? When was the last time you went to the store and bought hair gel? Probably never, because hair gel was considered a styling product reserved only for boys or girls who maintain short hairstyles. Thanks to social networks, we are overwhelmed by some ideas, few of which find […]

Hair mask – what to look for and how to choose the best for your hair type

For each of us, one of the pleasures of life is beautiful and healthy hair. Beautiful and healthy hair gives a dose of self-confidence, power and femininity. But with shampoos and conditioners, using a hair mask is a very important part of your daily hair care routine even though many of us skip this step […]

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