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The best products for summer hair care

Summer is coming and this means that we also need to prepare for hair care to suit the climatic conditions.
Your hair needs something completely different in summer than in winter when there is a lot of humidity, wind and cold outside.
Dry air and high temperatures, as well as salt from the sea and chlorine from the pool, significantly affect the behavior of our hair.
We have prepared for you glycerin-free products that will best suit any hair type this summer, by locking in moisture and preventing the hated frizz that is enemy no. 1 our hair in summer.

Glycerin in products is a humectant, which means that it attracts water from the environment and thus compensates for moisture in the hair, but when the air outside is dry, glycerin helps moisture in your hair to ‘come out’ (because the atmosphere now needs moisture and the atmosphere is more important than yours hair .. 🙂 and so loses its purpose.

Glycerin-free products contain other essential ingredients for hydrating hair that do not cause the above.

All our glycerin-free products can be found here.

1. Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo - Shampoo with pomegranate and pumpkin enzyme

All glycerin-free products can be found here.


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