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Determining hair type – the first step towards well-groomed and beautiful hair and a successful routine

The most important step to successful hair care is to determine what your hair type is.

It often happens to us that we buy a product just because someone else recommended it to us. The influencer we follow praises him on all the bells, our friend swears that he changed her hair, and the product itself has great reviews on the Internet. What can go wrong?

You need to do the most important part and that is to study what type of hair you belong to in order to know if the product you are buying is intended for your hair because only then can it bring really impressive results.

The point is – choose carefully and educate yourself before choosing.

What is my hair type?

Type 1 - Normal hair

What is the definition of normal hair? We would say, your pleasure! You don’t care much, she’s obedient, thick, shiny, looks healthy and you get compliments.

Congratulations on this blessing you have, but that does not mean that it should not be caressed and cared for. Regularly feed her on a weekly basis with a good nourishing mask that will maintain her health and beauty and keep her in a balance of moisture and protein.

Maska za kosu sa medom i kaduljom
Maska za kosu sa medom i kaduljom za održavanje zdravlja kose

Type 2 - Oily hair

Oily hair is a really challenging type of hair, and it occurs when your scalp secretes excess sebum. Sometimes the cause can be seasonal change, stress, unhealthy diet or frequent wearing of hats. Usually very soon after washing you notice that it is hung, glued, lifeless.

What care does oily hair need?

Try the following steps to save your oily hair:

  • Avoid washing in hot water, ironing and blow-drying with hot air (hot or cold air is a better option)
  • Use mild shampoos that will not further irritate the scalp
  • Use light hair treatments (without ingredients such as heavy oils and butters)
  • Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo
  • Before each wash, massage the scalp with lavender or rosemary essential oil to help scalp circulation and fight excess sebum.
Bounce Curl - šampon
Bounce Curl šampon je odlična opcija za masnu kosu

Type 3- Long dry and damaged hair

Most of us women want beautiful and healthy long hair, but length usually means dryness and cracked ends. That is why long hair requires extra care and attention. Tops should be trimmed regularly, deep moisturizing treatments (on a weekly basis) and serums for tops should be used.

Comb long hair carefully, preferably with brushes that have natural bristles while the conditioner or mask is on the hair, to prevent breakage. If your hair is quite tangled; as is the case with curly hair e.g. include in the care a conditioner and / or leave in that has a good slip as it will allow you to comb more easily.

Maska za kosu od avokada duboko regenerira kosu

Type 4 - Curly hair

Our dear curls have their problems. Curly hair is usually thick, has a lot of volume but also a lot of frizz (flying hair). Its appearance is significantly affected by weather and humidity. It is usually messy and fragile so it always requires extra care. To make curly hair look its best, it requires styling products. There is a whole method of curly hair care and we recommend that you learn more about it as your hair will regenerate and the method can be used by all hair types.

The Curly Girl method devised by Lorraine Massey is a lifestyle and hair care natural product and this method has brought amazing transformations to many curls around the world, which now number in the millions. Since the method of care is so effective and contributes to the absolute health of hair, it is no wonder that women of other hair types also use it.

Read about the Curly Girl method here.

Savršena opcija za stilitiziranje i poticanje vaših kovrči

Type 5- Fine thin hair

For the care of thin hair, it is good to use products that will add volume without difficulty. A good shampoo with botanical light ingredients like Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (with Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzyme), or Jessicurl Gentle Lather shampoo will perfectly cleanse hair and scalp, add volume and hydration without making hair difficult.

For styling thin, fine hair a great choice would be mousse or spray that will add volume. If your hair is wavy or curly and thin, choose a light gel or mousse for styling that will help keep the shape and add volume.

Krema za kovrče
Odličan aktivator i styling proizvod za finu i tanku valovitu kosu

No matter what category your hair falls into, each hair type is special in its own way and deserves the best possible care and nurturing.

If you need advice or are not sure which category you fall into, you can always contact us and we will help you find the best product for you.

Thanks for reading! 😉

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