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Curly Hair – How to get from a messy mane to beautifully shaped curls?

Curly hair is for many a synonym for frizz and mess. But have you ever wondered why that is? Why is curls seen as something that needs to be ironed right away to make your hair more beautiful?

If we ignore the beauty standards imposed by designer houses with their tall, underweight straight hair models and look a little wider than that, we can conclude that women with curly hair didn’t really know how to deal with it except to iron it and have a ‘hairstyle’. ‘which was also the latest cry of fashion.

The problem that happens to many women is that their hair is neither curly nor straight, but can be described as a strange cobweb that, when brushed dry, looks messy and tousled. In this situation, they resort to ironing their hair to solve the problem and make a hairstyle with which they can appear in public. But does ironing solve the problem or does it just make it worse?

Frequent ironing of curly and wavy hair, which in itself has a special texture, leads to the destruction of hair or better said burning, and thus thinning and hair loss. Of course, it is quite ok sometimes to iron your mane, but every time after washing it is a big NO NO!

peglanje kose

How do I care for my curly hair?

Relax… allow your inner lioness to live freely and let your mane be seen by all!

Step number one is to find out what porosity your hair is. In order to get your results as easily as possible, we have prepared a special article on hair porosity.

Now that you know how porous your hair is, we can determine if your hair needs a lot of deep care (if it is highly porous, for example) or it just needs a little attention to be the best it can be.

For care and styling you need:

  • shampoo
  • regenerator
  • mask
  • cream and / or gel

If you want a personal purchase recommendation because you do not have time to research and read, download our questionnaire and answer the questions and send it to us at info@mashala.hr. After the analysis, we will send you a recommendation of the product that would suit you best according to what you have written.

Shampoos and conditioners for curly hair

The task of every shampoo is to wash the dirt, grease and accumulations from your hair, and the difference between another shampoo and the one for curly hair depends on the ingredients. Some ingredients have a discount of coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter and vitamin E, and are therefore much more nutritious which curly hair adores.

For every problem you have there is a shampoo that is created to solve it and that way you will find what you need. Choose a shampoo depending on what you want to focus on. Do you need to strengthen your hair and restore often colored damaged hair? Or intense hydration?

However, using shampoo alone will not help curly hair much. The shampoo stays on the hair too short and that is why we have to include conditioner in the routine.

Conditioner is very important because we leave it for a few minutes to act on the hair so that all the essential ingredients penetrate into the hair.

Curly Conditioner as well as shampoo, choose based on the problem or goal you want to achieve. Eg curly hair that is thin, sparse or never colored will prefer lighter ingredients in shampoo and conditioner and in that case you should avoid heavy ingredients like shea butter and various heavy oils that can make your thin hair heavier.

Curly hair mask

A hair mask is an indispensable part of your curly hair care routine. Hair masks are very nourishing, have concentrated ingredients and greatly help the hair to get the dose of nutrients it needs once a week or a month (depending on the condition of your hair).

Curly hair is very fond of deep care on a weekly basis, especially if your hair is porous, thick and has a lot of frizz.

If you are not sure which mask best suits your hair, we have compiled a short article on how to choose a mask

Bounce Curl sampon
Bounce Curl - šampon
Alikay regenerator
Alikay naturals - regenerator
Mielle proteinski tretman sa mentom
Mielle - maska za kosu

Cream / styling cream for curly hair

We come to the important part when it comes to curly / wavy hair.

I first came across gel as a styling agent when I discovered the Curly Girl Method. Needless to say, the discovery of the gel as a styling product made my life easier and all the ‘bad hair day’ days. And I reached for the iron when my wavy hair was full of frizz, half straight half on the waves – neither here nor there.

The gel contains ingredients that create a ‘film’ around the hair, and its task is to strengthen, stabilize and shape something, so it will strengthen and shape your natural hair pattern (waves, curls …).

A well-chosen gel will reduce frizz (flying hair), add shine, encourage the formation of a natural hair pattern and firm it all up so that your hairstyle is permanent.

A great foundation for the gel is a curling cream and curling activators. Creams are usually extremely nourishing and encourage the formation of a natural pattern of your hair, whether it is waves, curls or afro hair in the full sense.

Curl cream / activator:

  • helps your hair absorb
  • and lock in moisture
  • shapes
  • encourages your natural
  • pattern,
  • gives shine
  • softens
  • nourishes hair

If your hair is thick, the cream will pair well with the gel to make your end result even better. The hair will be smoothed and nourished and beautifully defined. With a good gel with a strong hold, the definition of waves / curls will take days.

If you wake up in the morning and the definition is gone from sleeping, just moisturize your hair a little and all the products will reactivate and you will achieve a fresh look without washing your hair again. However, it is important to know how to properly use the gel when styling, which you can read about in our article on using the gel.

Pjena za volumen
Pjena za volumen
Gel za kovrče
krema za kovrče
Aktivator kovrča

Discover your natural hair

I know that many of you have been grooming your hair in a certain way for years, even though a beautiful curly mane may be hiding under straight hair. The reason is often that you think it’s hard to style and binge about curly hair, which isn’t exactly true.

Finding the right product for you will revive your hair and elicit compliments on all sides. However, the most important thing is that your hair will grow faster, it will be stronger and healthier, and that is what every woman wants for her hair.

Dare to travel and let your hair live and show off in all its glory.

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